• Board member of the Swedish Mellifera organisation, www.nordbi.se. Since 18th November 2023, elected as a Swedish representattive to SICAMM.
  • Biologist and researcher, orcid number 0000-0003-3611-9882.  Research topics: microbial ecology, pollination biology, entomology, biotechnology, geo/astrobiology.
  • Beekeeper, manager of the Campus apiary at Umeå University, (Campus Bigården (umu.se),
  • Coordinator of the interdisciplinary arthropod network at the campus in Northern Sweden, (Arthropodum (umu.se)
  • Chair person of the Northern Swedish Entomology Society, Norrlands Entomologiska Förening – Sveriges entomologiska förening (sef.nu)
  • Collaborating and supporting member of the Finnish, Norwegian and Swiss Mellifera societies

Available for SICAMM main board: Yes